Phoebe's an Alien?Edit

Arnold finds out that Phoebe is actually an alien from a planet called Minderia.

Arnold's DreamEdit

Arnold gets sent into a dream world set in the Middle Ages, where he has to defeat an evil king and save the kingdom of Hill Wood.


  • In "Phoebe's An Alien?", Arnold is told to collect the rent again. ("Gerald Comes Over")
  • In "Arnold's Dream", the Evil King is Mr. Scheck from "Arnold Saves the Neighborhood".


  • The plot of "Phoebe's an Alien?" could be a reference to the Hey Arnold fanfic "Project Phi-B"


  • "Phoebe's an Alien": When Arnold says "For the last time Mr. Potts, you HAVE to pay the rent like everyone else.", his shirt is green instead of blue.

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